Police training:

building resillience

The bridge between where you are & where you want to be.

Coaching amplifies the magnificence within you. It’s not about fixing but amplifying your potential. It acts as a mirror, reflecting your strengths and the vast possibilities of your life.
In life's chaos, coaching helps you find your true purpose.
Unlock the inner strength you never knew you had.
Turn dreams into realities with the right strategies.
With a coach, obstacles become opportunities.
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Empower your people to take full control over their development. Connect instantly with culturally relevant, industry experts who are trained in the art of performance coaching.
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With over 300 coaches and growing, your people can connect with someone outside of their social circle. An outside perspective is paramount to building trust and driving engagement.



Blending the best practices from the FBI National Academy, International Coaching Federation (ICF) and over 70 years of collective law enforcement experience, all coaches must undergo a rigorous certification process, including 35 training modules, 15 exams, and live observation sessions.
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in action

Law enforcement coaching focuses on enhancing officer growth. By way of an accountability partner, or coach, officers define clear goals, engage in reflective sessions, receive actionable feedback, and are held accountable.
coaching gets results
Within 3 Months, Law Enforcement Agencies can expect the following


of officers would recommend to a colleague


Increase in happiness


reduction in stress


Increase in quality of sleep

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what to


work-Life Balance

Set boundaries and prioritize self-care, ensuring you're as dedicated to yourself as you are to your duty.
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promotion &
career Growth

Harness your strengths, address your weaknesses, and position yourself as an indispensable asset.
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happiness & fulfillment

Align your daily actions with your broader life goals. This alignment isn't just about professional success; it's about personal happiness.
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improved relationships

Effective communication, empathy, and understanding can revolutionize your personal relationships.
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Strengthen your mental and emotional resilience, preparing you to handle the unpredictabilities of the job.
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Part of being the best version of yourself is making sure you’re in top physical condition. Law Enforcement professionals are prone to many health complications at levels much higher than the average civilian. And often these conditions go undiagnosed or ignored for far too long. In an effort to optimize health, Performance Protocol offers a Precision Health Report as part of our program.
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getting started

Whether you are a sworn officer or a civilian employee in the public safety space, there are two ways to get started working with a coach.

agency access

In most cases, we contract directly with law enforcement agencies who pay for our services on behalf of their employees. Check to first make sure your agency isn’t already a customer of ours. If so, more information can be found through your department.

personal access

You may purchase credits on your own and create a personal account on the Performance Protocol platform. Credits are priced individually, with each session costing between 1-3 credits depending on the coach.
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