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Have you ever wanted to step outside your immediate social circle and connect with peers who share your ambition and drive? If so, you're not alone. Being in law enforcement can be complex and isolating, and often difficult for others to relate to. This is where Elevate Squads steps in, offering a group coaching experience unlike any other.

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What others get out of their squad
  • Accomplish More Goals
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Enhanced Work Performance
  • Long Lasting Friendships

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Imagine a platform where you can engage in professional development, optimize your on-the-job performance, and live a more fulfilling life. That's exactly what Elevate Squads offers. It's a virtual space where law enforcement officers from different backgrounds come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and grow both personally and professionally.
An off duty police officer very excited about her upcoming session with her law enforcement forum, Elevate.
A Community That Mirrors the Best
Drawing inspiration from the networking groups of successful athletes and business leaders, Elevate Squads create a community that motivates members to be the best version of themselves. It's a place where personal and professional development go hand in hand, offering an unmatched advantage in both realms.
Conversations with Real Purpose
Elevate Squads, consisting of 4-6 officers focused on career growth, friendship, and professional connections, offer monthly video calls where ranks and titles are set aside for open, honest dialogue.

These squads, guided by a Moderator, facilitate a transformative environment where members connect over shared goals and aspirations, ensuring progress and value for each participant.
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Confidentiality, Honesty, and Trust at the Core
At the heart of every Elevate Squad is a commitment to confidentiality, honesty, and trust. This ethos allows members to engage freely, focusing on developing leadership skills, personal growth, and mutual support, regardless of background, age, or rank.
Officers can be anywhere in the nation to join an elevate squad, a law enforcement networking & growth forum
Addressing Unique Challenges in Law Enforcement
Law enforcement professionals often face challenges that are hard to communicate with those outside the profession. Elevate Squads provide a confidential space to discuss these issues, share achievements, and celebrate each other's successes.

Your Squad


AN off-duty police officer very happy he joined an Elevate squad to network professionally in a law enforcement forum
Interested in Joining a Squad?
New squads are formed once “critical mass” is reached. Squads require a minimum of 4 officers. Click the button to enroll into a Squad today. If there is room in an existing Squad, you may be invited to join. Otherwise, we’ll put you on a waitlist until 3 other officers also express interest in forming a new Squad.
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