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Improved processes, minimal confusion, high morale, high productivity, and low turnover. Turn a bureaucracy into an efficient, high functioning agency.
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FINE tuning processes & people
Organizational health starts with understanding the intricate dynamics at play within an agency.

That's why we begin by immersing ourselves in your world. We sit down with key individuals, from Chief / Sheriff to civilian staff, to understand your strategy, mindset, and current morale temperature.

This two-day consulting engagement is designed specifically for law enforcement leaders aiming to enhance their agency's efficiency, morale, and overall performance. identify and implement improvements to meet organizational goals, including increased productivity, higher morale, reduced attrition, and improved recruitment.
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The approach
We start by immersing ourselves in your agency's environment, collaborating with all key leaders to establish clear, actionable improvements. Our comprehensive analysis covers every aspect of your organization, from patrol to command staff, ensuring a thorough understanding of your agency’s current state and areas for enhancement.
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We gather essential data from all areas of your department, evaluating organizational tables, reporting structures, squad and team make-up, and the success of existing training and recruiting programs. This data helps us gauge the effectiveness of communication strategies, execution of priorities, morale, and more.

Agency-Wide Surveys: Assessing over 40 metrics that indicate organizational health, including recruitment, morale, and retention.

Organizational Fine-Tuning: Optimizing the Table of Organization for maximum efficiency.

Executive Team Deep Dive: A focused two-day session to address dysfunction and create alignment within the leadership team.

Facilitation of Key Meetings: Ensuring executive team meetings are effective and productive.

Cascading Priorities: Sessions to communicate priorities and directions across the organization clearly.

Leadership Training: Training for leaders, managers, and internal facilitators to enhance their effectiveness.

Ongoing Coaching: Continuous leader coaching to sustain improvements over time.

Consulting Support: Assistance with communication and human systems to reinforce organizational clarity.
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armed with insight
With survey, statistical, observational and anecdotal data collected, our analysis & report includes instant fixes and actionable to-dos. Whether it's coaching, mentorship, or pitches to the commission / council, we equip leaders with the tools they need to foster a healthier agency.
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