Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
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Talent Tracker is a specialized applicant tracking system (ATS) tailored for law enforcement agencies. It significantly boosts recruitment efficiency across all organizational levels—from recruiters to department heads.

This powerful tool streamlines the entire hiring process, from candidate contact to contract signing, optimizing each step to dramatically increase recruitment effectiveness.

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Curious to see how your agency scores in different areas of measurement? Performance Protocol's Command Center dives into your agency's metrics and shows areas of success & high efficiency as well as areas of improvement.

Data Driven


Talent Tracker integrates seamlessly with other applications, ensuring data consistency and allowing teams to align their recruitment strategies effectively. This ATS is crucial for law enforcement agencies aiming to modernize their recruitment and secure top talent efficiently.

Next Gen

Recruiter tools

Command Center - a deep dive into your agency's metrics down to the individual officer's performance (anonymized)
Efficient Process Customization
Talent Tracker allows each team to tailor their hiring process to their specific needs while ensuring the integrity of data and efficient use of time. This customization capability supports building a repeatable and scalable recruitment process.
Empower All Recruiters
The system grants department heads, hiring managers, and recruiters instant access to necessary data and tools, effectively unlocking the recruiter in everyone involved in the hiring process.
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Advanced Reporting Capabilities
Go beyond basic analytics with Talent Tracker’s ability to create powerful, custom reports that connect hiring activities to every stage of the employee lifecycle, thereby enhancing strategic decision-making.
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Streamlined Hiring Lifecycle
From headcount planning to job postings, and from recruiting to onboarding, Talent Tracker automates and synchronizes every step. With features like one-click job postings to over 25,000 boards and rapid onboarding that sends offer letters and processes new hires in 90 seconds, it eliminates manual work and aligns team efforts.

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Command Center - a deep dive into your agency's metrics down to the individual officer's performance (anonymized)
Customizable Interview Process
Build your interview process with pre-built pipeline templates or create custom stages that reflect organizational milestones. Schedule interviews easily within the system, manage interview panels effectively, and capture high-quality candidate feedback.
Insightful Data Analysis
Talent Tracker’s custom reporting tools allow you to track candidate progression through your hiring pipeline and integrate recruiting data with performance metrics to identify which interviewers can predict high performers.
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New hires await
With Talent Tracker, streamline and elevate your law enforcement recruitment, ensuring every hiring step is connected and every team member is empowered to contribute effectively to the hiring process.

Understand how candidates move through your pipeline and identify which pipeline stages need improvement.

Track how long it takes candidates to move from application to in-seat employee. Filter your data by time period, department, and more.

Coming late 2024, sign up for early access!
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