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At Performance Protocol, we are dedicated to shaping the future of law enforcement. Our approach focuses on recruiting, developing, and retaining the next generation of officers to build a culture of purpose, attract top talent, and enhance community service. Join us in making a meaningful impact in law enforcement.


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Performance Protocol is an extremely reputable company looking to move the policing industry and culture in a positive direction. They understand the current struggles with recruitment and retention. They understand the value of the 1:1 coaching relationship helping individual officers move in a direction of growth, balance and overall health, which in turn allows officers to be more productive and provide a higher level of service to the communities they serve.

T Peters

Performance Protocol has a thorough and comprehensive approach to a major issue which is staffing in our profession.  They not only address recruiting and retention but the other piece that’s vital is coaching for all, no matter what the rank or years of service.  Performance Protocol provides the platform and resources to allow our officers to perform at their full potential, which enhances their agencies, and ultimately our profession as a whole.

Eric S.

I have been in Law Enforcement for almost 25 years and have been involved with training in various capacities throughout my career. Normally classes are advertised by topic and you get a one size fits all delivery.Performance Protocol has created a training platform that by design is custom fitted for each officer. Every time they log in to a session the officer will be encouraged to engage in meaningful conversation about circumstances in their lives. Overtime this learning environment can have a huge impact on a persons professional and personal growth.

Josh V.

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