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The Command Center is a comprehensive administrative tool designed to help agency administrators effectively oversee and monitor the impact of Performance Protocol's services through a centralized dashboard.

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Curious to see how your agency scores in different areas of measurement? Performance Protocol's Command Center dives into your agency's metrics and shows areas of success & high efficiency as well as areas of improvement.

You can't manage What

you can't measure

Command Center provides a multi-faceted view of agency activities and service utilization, enhancing both strategic planning and operational oversight. Here's an overview of the key features available in Command Center:



Command Center - a deep dive into your agency's metrics down to the individual officer's performance (anonymized)
Growth & Impact Over Time
By tracking key metrics over periods, observe the growth and longitudinal impact of coaching, recruiting, and more! It not only measures increases in user numbers and service usage but also assesses qualitative impacts, such as improvements in performance or reduction in intention to quit.
Employee Realtime Satisfaction
Capture immediate employee reactions and satisfaction level. Enables administrators to swiftly identify and address areas of concern and to double down on what’s working!
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Real-Time, Actionable Insights for Maximum ROI
Keep track of the total credits available to the agency. It provides a quick view of remaining balances, enabling effective budget management and ensuring that services are not interrupted due to depletion of credits.
A visual insight and depiction of the incredibly versatile dashboard seen in Performance Protocol's cutting-edge software for command staff - Command Center
Agency Usage Trends
See coaching usage on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. Identify peak times, and draw correlations between major agency events and employee engagement.



Command Center - a deep dive into your agency's metrics down to the individual officer's performance (anonymized)
Breakdown of Employee Usage
Track individual employee engagement, aiding in identifying highly engaged staff and those needing more support. Analyze service usage by department, team, or individual, enabling tailored services to meet diverse agency needs effectively.
Top Users
Highlighting the most active users within the agency, this feature recognizes top performers. It also serves as a motivational tool for other employees to increase their engagement and promote excellence from within.
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A female police officer using Performance Protocol's Command Center as the focal point of their officer retention & success initiatives
COmmand excellence
Command Center by Performance Protocol is more than just a monitoring tool; it's a comprehensive solution for law enforcement administrative staff to have full control and understanding of their team's engagement and progress.

By leveraging this platform, you can ensure that your agency is not only utilizing Performance Protocol’s services effectively but also making strides in performance and professional development.

Experience the transformative power of Command Center and take your law enforcement agency to new heights of efficiency and success.
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