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Advancing Health Screenings for Public Safety Officers

Public safety officers encounter unique health challenges that elevate their risk for serious cardiometabolic diseases. Precision Health Reports offers advanced cardiometabolic screenings tailored for law enforcement. These screenings are vital for the early detection and reduction of health risks, ensuring officers' long-term well-being and efficiency.

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For law enforcement professionals, maintaining physical health is crucial not just for physical tasks but also for mental acuity and emotional resilience. The interplay between physical condition and mental well-being is critical, as neglecting cardiometabolic health can detrimentally affect both physical and mental performance. Addressing these health aspects is essential for officers' comprehensive well-being.
A male police officer who just received a Precision Health Report
Tailored Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment
Our Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment distinguishes itself by offering:

1. Targeted Medical History Review: Evaluations specifically crafted to reflect the unique lifestyles and challenges faced by law enforcement officers.

2. Advanced Biomarker Analysis: Employing NMR technology for the most accurate risk assessments.

3. Extensive Evaluation of Risk Factors: A review of over 40 risk factors from National Standard guidelines ensures a thorough health assessment.

4. Continuous Health Tracking: Longitudinal monitoring allows for the visualization of the effects of lifestyle changes and medical interventions over time.

This detailed evaluation process is designed to identify each officer's specific risk factors for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, or major cardiovascular events, facilitating early and effective preventive measures.
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Recognizing the Risks
The intense nature of law enforcement work—marked by high stress, disrupted sleep, and physical exertion—substantially increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Often progressing silently and undetected by routine check-ups, these conditions can severely affect officers' health, potentially ending careers early or even leading to premature death. Early identification and management through specialized screenings are crucial for maintaining frontline readiness and health.
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Privacy and Confidentiality Assured
- Direct Reporting: LabCorp sends your health report directly to you, with no intermediaries.

- Discretionary Sharing: Sharing your results with a Performance Protocol coach is entirely your choice, reinforcing our commitment to your privacy.

Your path

to better health

A female officer after a workout since she saw her Precision Health Report that stated she needed more Vitamin D. So, being the smart officer she is, decided to kill two birds with one stone and workout outside at the same time. Great thinking!
Getting a report
Eligibility: Available to all clients of Performance Protocol Coaching, with 1-2 screenings annually based on your agency's contract.

Getting Started: Activation of your Performance Protocol Coaching account is the first step.

Supporting Your Journey: We provide detailed guidance for completing your health survey and arranging your LabCorp bloodwork visit, ensuring a hassle-free process.
Commitment to Law Enforcement Health
By engaging with Precision Health Insights, law enforcement officers take a significant step toward safeguarding their health, ensuring they remain ready and able to meet the demands of their crucial roles.

Our program not only facilitates the early detection and management of cardiometabolic risks but also supports the holistic wellbeing of officers, contributing to their professional longevity and quality of life.
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