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Greg Zaroslinski is a renowned keynote speaker and performance life coach with a remarkable background in both the U.S. Military and the entrepreneurial world. Serving for more than 10 years in the military, Greg excelled in Joint Operations overseas before transitioning to a standout role in Navy Recruiting District Phoenix, where he was named Recruiter of the Year and finished as a top recruiter nationally in 2008 & 2009.

Shifting to entrepreneurship, Greg was recognized as the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year and is an active member of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO). He has successfully founded several businesses while maintaining his passion for coaching and recruiting.

Through his speeches and coaching, Greg inspires individuals and teams to achieve their full potential, demonstrating the impact of resilience, leadership, and commitment to excellence.

Transformative Life Coach

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Law enforcement recruitment Specialist

Accomplished entrepreneur & Business Leader

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Keynote Presentations

Greg offers dynamic presentations for law enforcement, emphasizing innovative recruitment and retention strategies. His keynotes, filled with provocative insights and inspiration, challenge and energize audiences.

Greg's interactive approach keeps his sessions educational and engaging, motivating attendees to act swiftly. Focusing on practical and tangible advice, he provides law enforcement professionals with actionable solutions to enhance recruitment and bolster employee retention, ensuring agencies are equipped for success.



Greg inspires law enforcement leaders with talks on human capital management, morale, culture building, and leadership. His sessions challenge conventional thinking and encourage innovative team management and motivation strategies.

Addressing key leadership and organizational culture elements, Greg prompts leaders to rethink how they nurture and utilize human capital. His engaging presentations offer valuable insights and strategies for creating a positive, unified, and high-performing work environment.
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Leveraging his transformative life coaching expertise, Greg helps law enforcement professionals of all ranks unlock their full potential. He sees this as key to creating higher-performing officers, cohesive teams, and effective agencies.

Through personalized coaching, Greg leads each audience member on a self-discovery journey, providing the tools and insights needed for personal and professional growth. This not only boosts individual performance but also enhances the overall efficacy and impact of law enforcement organizations.

Law Enforcement


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For law enforcement agencies of all types and sizes, Greg's speaking engagements are perfect for recruiters, HR, and leadership.
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For associations

Shake up your association meetings & events with content specially curated to your members' needs, wants, and desires.  
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For Conferences

Thought provoking and inspiring keynote presentations as part of the conference main event or breakout session.


Chief Sean Duggan

Chief Sean Duggan

"Greg is an inspirational and insightful leader in the field of recruitment & retention. Greg’s ability to facilitate meaningful dialogue has earned him a high level of trust and respect among police leaders and employees."
Mark Malone, ESPN

Mark Malone, ESPN

"With 35 years of radio and television experience, I can honestly say Greg is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He holds an audience and can truly inspire!"
Colonel Frank Milstead

Colonel Frank Milstead

"Greg’s knowledge regarding law enforcement recruitment and retention is impressive. His ability to give a world class presentation  is unmatched."
Merril Hoge, NFL

Merril Hoge, NFL

"What makes Greg's message so incredible is, he shares what he has lived in a way others can apply to their lives! His humble approach invites every listener in!!"
Chief John Pelletier

Chief John Pelletier

"Greg is a straightforward, critical communicator who understands law enforcement & it's complexities. In the simplest of terms, any organization can benefit from his knowledge and expertise."
Chief Jason Tilley

Chief Jason Tilley

"Greg's professional speaking abilities not only showcase his expertise but also inspire and motivate others, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after the conclusion of his presentations."


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Alabama Dept. of Corrections
Arizona Recruitment & Retention Summit
Idaho Chiefs Association
Idaho Sheriffs Association
Illinois Chiefs Association
Illinois Mobile Training Units
Massachusetts Chiefs Association
Pennsylvania Chiefs Association
Small Rural Law Enforcement Executives Association
Southeastern Field Training Officers Association
Southeast Illinois Chiefs Association
United States Navy Annual Recruiting Conference

Corporate & Other Events

American Overseas Schools of Rome
Arizona Basketball Coaches Association
Chase Bank
Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)
Impact Eleven
Michigan Aerospace
Ohio Basketball Coaches Association
Origins Healthcare
Quicken Loans
SBA of Michigan
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