recruiting strategies

for a new era

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agency transformation is accomplished through mastering three primary disciplines

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Recruit Top Talent


Effectively recruiting the right people for the right roles.
Develop your Officers


Developing all sworn & civilian employees for optimal, sustainable performance
Retain your Officers


Creating a workplace culture resilient to negativity and free of turnover

Recruit for

the future

The force for the future begins with being the best at recruiting today.
The recruiting landscape is more competitive than ever. The next generation of officers expect state-of-the-art technology and world-class coaching.
Performance Protocol has the playbook to get law enforcement agencies off the sidelines and into the game!


The difference between adequate and impactful comes down to people. What are you doing to develop your people into the best versions of themselves?
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Performance Protocol's Platform - Messaging Your Coach / Your Client
coaching is key
Coaching in law enforcement is a forward-looking tool tailored to unlock an officer's potential and boost decision-making.
This individualized approach, distinct from traditional training, enhances officer performance on the job and overall wellness
at home.
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The Transformative Power of Coaching


in action

Law enforcement coaching focuses on enhancing officer growth. By way of a Performance Protocol matched mentor or coach, officers define clear goals, engage in reflective sessions, receive actionable feedback, and are held accountable.
coaching gets results
Within 3 Months, Law Enforcement Agencies can expect the following


engagement & utilization


Increase in agency loyalty


decrease in desire to change agency


Increase in professional pride

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Performance Protocol's Platform Visual - What to Expect

the coaching


Empower your people to take full control over their development. Connect instantly with culturally relevant, industry experts who are trained in the art of performance coaching.
Performance Protocol's Presence Across the States
Coaching coast to coast
With over 300 coaches and growing, your people can connect with someone outside of their social circle. An outside perspective is paramount to building trust and driving engagement.



Blending the best practices from the FBI National Academy, International Coaching Federation (ICF) and over 70 years of collective law enforcement experience, all coaches must undergo a rigorous certification process, including 35 training modules, 15 exams, and live observation sessions.
FBI National Academy
International Coaching Federation


Retention is the byproduct of two key elements: a positive culture and good health. We leverage coaching to optimize officer health and happiness within the an agency. By providing access to fitness, health and lifestyle coaching, agencies can experience lower turnover and improved performance in every facet of officers’ lifestyles.
retention improvement
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Employees are much more likely to stay when employers invest in development opportunities, including coaching.
less career hopping
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A positive culture fosters employee engagement, ensuring that employees feel valued, heard, and part of something bigger. Engaged employees are less likely to seek a different role or agency in the next 12 months.
less absenteeism
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Healthy employees take less sick leave, experience fewer injuries, and generally perform better. When your workforce is present—both physically and emotionally—performance becomes the focus.
the domino effect
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Employees who see a colleague leave are 54% more likely to quit themselves. Safeguarding against turnover is mission critical to ensure a loyal, happy workforce.

be well,

perform better

The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.
Wellness is becoming a buzzword—a check-the-box initiative. Most agencies either don’t have a wellness program, or they're mandated to implement one without any support, direction, or experience.
Performance Protocol takes wellness seriously. From strategic rollouts, program implementation and wellness audits, we help agencies take their wellness program from merely existing to thriving. 
don’t just get well,  get good
Performance Protocol supports agencies at all stages of a wellness program rollout, everything from strategic frameworks to driving engagement. Even for agencies with zero wellness experience, we offer two comprehensive wellness program services.
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Our two-day onsite consultation, led by a Performance Protocol Wellness Director, is suitable for all personnel engaged in your agency's wellness efforts. This audit evaluates your current program comprehensively, providing a detailed report with a strategic roadmap for implementation, recommendations, and next steps.
Two professional business people work closely together on a project at their desk
An in-person, multi-day group coaching experience for your wellness program leaders. The Wellness Academy builds upon the Audit, transforming theory into practical, lasting actions.
Businessman speaks to two law enforcement professional officers
We frequently conduct various webinars, some of which are free while others may require payment. Explore our events page for details on the calendar, registration, and more information.
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working with

performance protocol

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Performance Protocol's Command Center visual for law enforcement command staff
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Performance Protocol Challenge Coins
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    loyalty status
We understand the complexities involved in initiating new programs. From justification to compliance and more, getting started is a massive task.
At Performance Protocol, our team handles all the heavy lifting to bring these programs to life. We've assisted agencies in securing substantial funding and are ready to help. Contact us for further details.
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Full transparency is key to any successful partnership. Enter the Command Center. This is your agency’s dashboard where organizational and individual metrics can be tracked in 
real time.
This includes everything from utilization, agency morale, emerging trends, and improvements across 15 different domains.
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Performance Protocol's credit system streamlines procurement, offering agencies flexibility in fund deployment. Determine the required credits (we can assist), then allocate them to preferred services.
This approach grants access to our full range of products and services through a single contract and approval process.
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Your agency purchases a set quantity of credits. These credits are stored in your agency account connected to the Performance Protocol platform and Command Center.
You're free to use these credits as you wish, whether it's for employee coaching or an on-site Recruitment Audit.
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Performance Protocol offers various benefits and incentives. The more credits you purchase, the more bonus credits and rewards you'll receive.
Upon reaching specific credit purchase thresholds, you attain a status level with its associated benefits. The agency status level remains valid for 14 months from qualification.
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