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PURSUIT is a cutting-edge solution tailored for law enforcement agencies, blending advanced software with expert service to revolutionize the recruitment process. This system converts anonymous website traffic into identifiable potential recruits, significantly enhancing talent acquisition strategies and delivering tangible outcomes.

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Here is the view into the dashboard from Performance Protocol's next-gen law enforcement technology
see who's behind the clicks and how to pursue them
  • 98% capture of unengaged visitors into potential applicants.
  • 50% faster lead generation.
  • 16 days faster time to contract.
  • Boost new hire retention by 3 years.
  • 40% greater conversion rate.
  • 60% improvement in applicant quality.
  • 73% increase in passive candidate engagement.

Response time is

Mission Critical

PURSUIT's software provides detailed information on anonymous website visitors, name, email, phone number, location, and behavior. This capability leads to a tenfold increase in opportunities from website traffic, transforming 98% of unengaged visitors into potential applicants. This immediate identification allows for quick engagement with the most promising leads.

Prospect Details

in real time

Prospect details in real time from Performance Protocol's advanced law enforcement recruiting technology
Rapid Applicant response
Understanding the urgency in law enforcement, PURSUIT ensures potential applicants are engaged within minutes, not days, leading to a 50% faster lead generation process and maintaining interest in the recruitment cycle.
White Glove Service for Recruiters
We’re here to work for you. Our team skilled in the latest recruiting tactics manages initial recruitment stages, building relationships with applicants and ensuring thorough vetting.

By handling the early stages of recruitment, The PURSUIT Team significantly reduces the workload for agency recruiters, enabling them to concentrate on other vital aspects of the hiring process.

This approach leads to 16 days faster time to contracting and extends new employee retention by three years.
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Custom Agency Pages & Streamlined Application Experience
Pursuit streamlines the recruitment process by setting up a simplified agency-specific application page, addressing the issue of lengthy and complex applications that deter potential candidates.

We conduct an initial screening to filter out candidates with clear disqualifiers, such as felonies or face tattoos, ensuring only qualified individuals are forwarded to agencies for further evaluation.

This approach significantly reduces the burden on agency recruiters, allowing them to focus on engaging with the most qualified applicants, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.
A sneak-peek into the command center dashboard for Performance Protocol's advanced law enforcement technology
Seamless Integration & Communication
The system integrates effortlessly with existing marketing and sales platforms, allowing for a unified recruitment approach. It also supports the creation of hyper-relevant communications, such as email signatures and banners, to further engage potential candidates.

PURSUIT offers law enforcement agencies a robust tool to efficiently and effectively attract, engage, and recruit top talent. The synergy of real-time visitor identification and specialized recruitment services empowers agencies to not only meet but surpass their recruitment objectives.

Focus on

The hottest leads

Two officers smiling after using Performance Protocol's advanced law enforcement technology software
Constant Contact to First Contract
Research shows the key to securing long-term, successful hires lies in consistent and genuine engagement with applicants and potential hires throughout the entire application and hiring process. Studies show that constant contact with candidates significantly enhances their experience and commitment.

For instance, a LinkedIn report found that 56% of candidates cite frequent communication as a major factor in considering a job offer. Moreover, building a genuine relationship with potential hires leads to better engagement, with a survey by Talent Board indicating that candidates who rated their recruiter's performance highly were 38% more likely to accept a job offer.

This level of engagement is crucial in an environment where money, benefits, and advanced equipment are no longer the sole determinants of a candidate's decision. In fact, Gallup research reveals that millennials, who now make up a substantial portion of the workforce, prioritize agency culture over salary. They seek meaningful work and employers who value their individual contributions. 

Therefore, law enforcement agencies that prioritize consistent and authentic communication with candidates are more likely to hire the right person for the right role on the first attempt. By focusing on this human aspect of recruitment, agencies can effectively navigate the war on talent, ensuring they not only attract but also retain top-quality law enforcement professionals.
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